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The major of data science and big data technology is a new undergraduate major in Beijing Institute of Technology in 2019. Relying on the National Engineering Laboratory of big data system software and IBM Z10 mainframe as the basis, this major has established a data center, providing an excellent teaching practice environment for personnel training. This major cooperates with Auckland University for professional co construction, and can obtain the double degree of BIT and Auckland through one year's study in Auckland University. This major attaches importance to students' self-cultivation, and encourages students to design personalized professional elective course scheme combining with personal interests and development planning. Comprehensively cultivate the most popular big data, cloud computing, algorithm analysis and other industries urgently needed high-level talents.

Cultivate high-level engineering professionals with strong sense of social responsibility and innovative spirit, solid basic theory, systematic application of basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills and methods including data science and big data technology, strong engineering practice ability, strong ability to analyze and solve problems, wide range of knowledge, good team communication ability and certain leadership ability, With the awareness of lifelong learning and innovation, with an international perspective, it can solve practical complex engineering problems in the field of big data technology. Graduates can lead scientific and technological innovation and the development of big data industry, serve national defense construction and economic and social development, and become high-quality innovative talents and outstanding engineering talents taking into account data scientific research and big data technology engineering. A considerable number of graduates of this major have the opportunity to further their studies and engage in big data science and technology research by means of direct blog, master's degree or postgraduate entrance examination at home and abroad. The other part should meet the basic requirements of excellent big data technology engineering talents. After five years of working practice, they can independently undertake important scientific research projects or complex big data engineering projects Be the core member or team leader of the project team.