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The major covers two main subjects: Industrial Design and Cultural Heritage.Industrial Design focuses on creating industrial products which are well engineered, and independent including electrical products, medical equipment, processing equipment, sports apparatus and traffictools.

The main work involved in industrial product development process includes management, research, formativedesign and man-machine interaction design, and recently involves service design.

Graduates can be engaged in product design and work in related department, such as pro-design companies, productioncompanies or administrative departments.Cultural heritage includes cultural heritage research, protection and management, museum business and management, and related areas of study. The Department of Cultural Heritage concentrates on training students towork on cultural heritage value research, protection, management and exhibitions.

The core courses include Introduction to Design, The History of Fine Art, Chinese History, Design Psychology, Human Factors Engineering, Mechanical and Construction Design, Industry, Materials and Manufacturing Crafts, Engineering Drawing, Graphic Construction, Color Construction, Dimensional Construction and 3-D Form Design, Sketching, Design Sketch, Chinese Traditional Home Design, Photography, Cultural Heritage Investigation, Cultural Identification and Repair Protection.