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BIT Winter Program provides students with the opportunity to experience Chinese campus life at one of China’s top universities. The program lasts for 2 weeks, and you will have time to visit historical monuments as we share the charm of Chinese history with you. We would like to introduce you to some of China's world-famous places and their rich cultural and natural treasures, such as the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. You will also make friends with BIT Chinese and international students during the winter.


Chinese Language and Culture Program

Students will be trained the abilities of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of Chinese language which is of great importance to explore the profound connotation of Chinese language. Besides, the program will introduce you some Chinese culture practice such as paper cutting, Kung Fu show, cultural tours, etc. to experience Chinese culture. 

Sample Timetable (2020 January)


Application Information

1. Requirements:

(1) Non-Chinese Citizen

(2) We will accept candidates, who should be physically healthy and abide by Chinese Laws and university regulations.

(3) Only when the number of application students is over 10, we will open the programs. And we will let the applicant know as soon as possible when we get the final information.

2. Time Duration: January 6th-January 19th, 2020
*the exact time duration will be updated by the university calendar.

3. Application Procedure

(1) Group Application

The partner-university need to collect all the information of students and fill the application form. After finish it, please send the form to BIT staff.

(2) Individual Application

For individual students, please get in touch with BIT contact person.

*The contact information is at the end of this page. 

4. Application deadline: December 1st, 2019

5. Visa

The softcopy of invitation letter or admission notice will be sent to the university staff (for group application) or students themselves(for individual application) through e-mail after BIT gets students’ information. If the hardcopy is needed, please inform us and after checking the information of it with students, BIT will send it out immediately. Please take this letter to apply for the visa in the Chinese Embassy.

Please send back application form to contact below(;  Application Form


The program is sponsored by BIT scholarship. The students are requested to pay only USD40/day/person (including tuition, student accommodation, teaching materials, insurance, transportation and tickets of culture tours, BIT souvenirs). The rest of the cost will be covered by the BIT scholarship.

Travel to BIT


International Student Center (Building No.14)

Beijing Institute of Technology

No.5 South Zhong Guan Cun street, Haidian, Beijing, 100081 

1. From Beijing Capital International Airport

(1) By Airport Bus: take Airport Bus of route No.4 to Friendship hotel. Walk westward about 500 meters along the road. The campus is on the opposite side of the road.

(2) By Taxi: go to the taxi station and queue for the authorized taxi. Before you leave for China, please print the address of BIT in Chinese "北京市海淀区 中关村南大街5  北京理工大学留学生中心(14号楼)" and show this to the driver when you take a taxi at the airport so that the driver will know where to go.

(3) By SUBWAY: Airport express to Dong Zhi Men and transfer to Line 2, to Xi Zhi Men, transfer to Line 4 to Wei Gong Cun Station, A Exit. 

2. From Beijing Railway Station

(1)Take bus line #103 to Beijing Zoo. From Beijing Zoo, take bus line 332 to Academy of Agriculture. BIT campus locates on the opposite side of the road.

(2)Take Subway route: Line 2 to Xi-zhi-men then transfer to Line 4 to Wei Gong Cun Station, A Exit. 

3. From Beijing Railway Western Station:

(1)Take bus line #320 or line #T6 to Academy of Agriculture. BIT campus locates on the opposite of the road.

(2)Take Subway route Line 9 to National Library to Line 4 Wei Gong Cun Station, A Exit.

4. From Beijing South Railway Station:

Take Subway route: Line 4 to Wei Gong Cun Station, A Exit.

Read More: Maps for Living on Campus & Beijing


Your accommodation is provided in Zhong Guan Cun Campus of BIT (downtown campus).

If you select the accommodation on campus, we will offer you:

1. double-bed rooms

2. self-service laundry facility

3. WiFi Internet

4. reception: 7:00am-10:00pm

5. security guide: 24-hour


dormitory door opens from 6:00am-24:00pm from Sunday to Thursday

                                  6:00am-2:00am(next day) on Friday and Saturday

Read More:  Terms and Conditions of Accommodation in Beijing Institute of Technology 2019 (Chinese &English)

Students are free to find hotels outside campus in advance if they are not satisfied with the campus dormitory as ZGC campus is the very first campus and the facilities in the dormitory are getting old. We suggest that students order the hotel at least one month before because there will be a lot of tourists during summer vacation. Students need to bear all the cost if they live outside campus.

Student Card

Students will receive a card after arriving at BIT and need to top-up it then to purchase at the canteen. In addition, the main gate of dormitory is equipped with access control system for safety reason, so the card is also an access card to students dormitory.


Ms. SHEN Jiapei

Tel: 0086-10-68918272

Ms. YAN Xiaomin

Tel: 0086-10-68918272


Room 108 

Office of International Students (Building No.14)  

Beijing Institute of Technology

No. 5, South Zhong Guan Cun Street, Beijing. 100081, P.R.China