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The Optical Engineering program of BIT is a national key program. Its main subjects are electronic science and technology (Optoelectronics), optical information science and engineering,and optoelectronic information engineering. This program mainly focuses on cultivating students’ analyzing and problem-solving ability in optics, photonics, electronics, information acquisition and processing technology. It also gives prominence to the training of students’ experiment skills, engineering skills and the cultivation of creativity consciousness.

Qualified graduates will be able to do research, teaching, development, production manufacturing and management in fields such as optoelectronic detection, optoelectronic information engineering, optoelectronic imaging systems and engineering, optoelectronic display and storage technology, as well as image processing and computer applications.

The core courses of this program include Mathematical Analysis for Engineers, Linear Algebra, Physics, The Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, Applied Optics, Physical Optics, The Principles of Computer and Accessory Technology, Laser Principle and Technology, Photo electronic Imaging Principles and Technology, Digital Image Processing, Optical Communications Technology, and The Principles and Design of Optoelectronics Instrument.