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Materials Science and Engineering at BIT, with metal materials, ceramic materials and electronic and information materials as key subjects, prepares students with basic theory, an ability to research, and applications in metal and inorganic nonmetallic materials as well as the knowledge of materials design, manufacturing, and analysis.

Graduates, with scientific theory in metal materials and inorganic non-metallic materials, mainly engage in selection, use, processing, material surface modification and quality control of metal materials and inorganic nonmetal materials, and in the analysis and research of new materials and new technology.

The core courses include Physical Chemistry, Electrical and Electronic Technology, Fundamentals of Materials Science, Material Properties (including Mechanical Properties, Physical Properties), Metal Material Science, Electronic and Information Materials, Analysis and Testing Technology on Materials (including Analysis and Testing of X-ray, Electronic Micro-analysis, Energy Spectrum Analysis), Models of Material & Numerical Method, Principle Technology for Hearing Processing, The Science of Ceramic Materials, The Basis of Heat Processing, The Surface Technology of Materials, Electronic and Information Materials, Theoretical Mechanics, The Mechanics of Materials, and The Basis of Mechanical Designing.