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This professional engineering and technical degree could be used in the medical field with mature technology, principles, and methods of biological, physical, chemical and technical sciences. This major is cross-disciplinary in the research and development of human health materials, medical instruments, electronic equipment and systems , computer technology, and information processing technology.

Students would be well-grounded in the basic knowledge of the natural world and humans and cultivated not only in mathematics, physics, chemistry, electronics and information technology, and computer technology theory, but also in biological and medical basics. Students can engage in the design, production, and management of new technology research and new product development in the field of biomedical engineering.

Students will develop a solid theoretical foundation and generous professional knowledge of electronic information technology, computer and engineering design, and master basic knowledge of biology and medicine. They would be multifaceted talents with skills in theoretical research, engineering and technical design, research and application of engineering technology and biological, medical knowledge.

The core courses include Biomedical Engineering, Biochemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Circuits and Electronics, Signals and Systems courses, Computer courses, Random Signal Analysis, and Biomedical Signal Detection and Processing. Special courses include: Principles of Medical Imaging and Image Processing, Biomedical Testing Equipment, Biomedical Electronics, and Bioinformatics.