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The disciplines of Computer science and technology of Beijing Institute of Technology root in the Computer Major established in 1958 as one of the first in China. In 1980, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering was formally formed. In 2009, it is restructured into School of Computer Science. The school has made prominent contributions to the development of teaching, research and industry in computer science and technology in China. The school has obtained the authorization of doctoral degree grant on the first-class discipline of Computer science and technology, the key discipline of Beijing on Computer Application Technology, the key discipline on Computer Software, and the Post-doctoral Mobile Stations for Computer Science and Technology.

Computer science is the study of how computational processes and devices represent, store, and manipulate information. It involves the development, and analysis of algorithms, which are instructions (or software) that tell a computer how to solve particular problems correctly and efficiently. The program of Computer Science and Technology provides intensive preparation in the concepts and techniques related to the design, programming, researching and application of computing systems. Students are provided a deep understanding of both fundamentals and important current issues in computer science and computer engineering so that they may either obtain productive employment or pursue advanced degrees.

Curriculum and Credit Requirements