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In recent years, the discipline construction has achieved leapfrog developments, with the international influence rising significantly.

This is a full-time degree program, involving both coursework and projects. It aims at cultivating the high-level specialized personnel with a firm grasp of basic theories and professional knowledge of Chemical Engineering and Technology, with experimental skills and abilities to solve practical problems. Students will be awarded with the master degree after getting required credits. They will participate in projects in relevant fields under the guidance of his or her supervisor and complete their graduation thesis based on the projects they have conducted.

On the basis of the projects conducted by the school, we have developed a discipline for this program: Chemical Engineering & Technology: this discipline involves green chemistry technology, chemical engineering, fine chemicals, functional materials, energetic material technology, energy and chemical engineering, new energy technology, biochemical engineering, pharmaceutical engineering, electrochemical engineering industrial catalysis technology, modern spectrum, chemical detection and automation, chemical process simulation and optimization, chemical management, chemical equipment safety, etc.

Curriculum and Credit Requirements