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The first-level discipline “Control Science and Engineering” has a Post-doctoral research station. The discipline was selected to enter the list of “Double-First Class” discipline construction plan by the Ministry of Education in 2017. It was evaluated as a Class A discipline in the fourth round of discipline assessment by the Ministry of Education. The second-level disciplines under the first-level discipline are “Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment”, “Pattern Recognition and Intelligent systems”, Navigation, Guidance and Control”, “Control Theory and Control Engineering”, “Intelligent Information Processing and Control” and “Electrical Engineering and Control”. “Control Theory and Control Engineering” was honored as a National Key Discipline; “Navigation, Guidance and Control” was honored as a National Key Cultivating Discipline; “Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems” was honored as a State Commission of Science and Technology for National Defense Industry Key Discipline; “Control Science and Engineering” was honored as a Key First-Level Discipline of Beijing.

Control Science and Engineering studies on moving objects, industrial equipment and human-computer object fusion systems. It aims to enhance the ability of human beings to understand and change the world. This discipline uses the knowledge of information technology, computer technology, test technology, artificial intelligence and basic knowledge of research objects to do research on system modeling, dynamic analysis, prediction, control and decision making. The discipline focuses on the  combination of theoretical research and engineering applications, interdisciplinary research and military-civilian integration, and has played a major role in the development of our national economy and the defense of national security.

Curriculum and Credit Requirements