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The program of Mechanical Engineering is a national key program. Based on the main subjects of mechanics, mathematics and space engineering, this program aims to cultivate students in mastering the basic knowledge and skills of dynamics and control, engineering and structural design, simulation and testing of engineering calculations, biomedicine, and related areas.

Graduates will mainly be employed in mechanics-related areas to conduct scientific research or design development, or for teaching and management jobs.

The core courses include Mathematical Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Engineering Drawing, Mechanical Design, Theoretical Mechanics, Material Mechanics, Structural Mechanics, Mechanics of Elasticity, Fluid Mechanics, Aerodynamics, Computational Mechanics, Experimental Stress Analysis, Plastic Mechanics, Vibration Theory, Vibration Test Technology, Engineering Materials, Smart Materials and Systems, Nanomaterials and Technology, Biological Mechanics, An Overview of Aerospace Engineering, Spacecraft Dynamics, and Spacecraft Structure and Design.