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The program of Law at BIT, with law as its key subject, has carried out characteristic education in Jurisprudence (with Customary Law and Legal Methods as the core), Civil and Commercial Law (with Intellectual Property Law as the core), Environmental and Resources Protection Law (with Energy Law and Environmental Tort Law as the core), International law (with Laws of Air Space and Outer Space and International Human Rights Protection Law as the core) and Procedural Law (with Judicial and Procedural System as the core).

Students are equipped with the solid basic theory of law, the basic training of legal thought and legal practice, and the background knowledge of natural science foundation and science and engineering, who then have the ability to analyze and solve problems with legal theory and legal methods.

Graduates, with knowledge in law, technology, management and foreign languages, have strong practical and creative ability to engage in work in government agencies, enterprises, public institutions and social organizations.

The core courses includes Law, Jurisprudence, Constitutional Law, Chinese Legal History, The General Theory of Civil Law, Rights in Rem Law, Claims Law, Tort Liability Law, General Provisions of Commercial Law, Company Law, General Theories of Criminal Law, Specific Provisions of Criminal Law, Intellectual Property Law, Economic Law, Civil Procedure Law, Criminal Procedural Law, Administrative Law and Administrative Litigation Law, Environment and Natural Resources Protection Law, Labor and Social Security Law, International Law, Private International Law, and International Economic Law.