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Electronic Information at BIT (including electronic information engineering, electronic science and technology, communications engineering and information counter technology) is a national key program. The program, with information and communication engineering, electronic science and technology, computer science and technology as key subjects, fosters special talents with professional knowledge in electronic information engineering, electromagnetic field and microwave technology, signal and information processing, circuits and systems, who can work in research, design, manufacture, and operation in the field of information technology, or in the information technology research and equipment development in the departments of national economy and national defense industry.

Graduates will engage in scientific research, technology development and teaching in the field of electronics and information engineering or high-level management in related areas.

The core courses include Fundamentals of Circuits, Fundamentals of Analog Circuits, Digital Electronics, Signals and Systems, Fundamentals of Control Theory, Digital Signal Processing, Random Signal Analysis, Theory of Electromagnetic Fields, Fundamentals of Microwave Technology, Data Structure and Algorithm Designing, Computer Principle and Application, Principle of Digital Communication, and Communication Circuits and Systems.