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The Mechanical-Electronic Engineering program of BIT is an interdisciplinary program based on machinery manufacturing, electrical engineering, and computer science.

This program equips students withsolid background knowledge and a multifaceted view in the fields of intelligent mechanical- electronic systems,and robot detection and control.

The humanoid robot, Hui tong "V", a table tennis competitionhumanoid robot, designed by talents from this program, can not only conduct movement such as autonomous walking, greeting, Tai Chi and dancing but also show facial expressions such as happiness, anger, sorrow and joy. Its overall performance is internationally competitive.

In the ASRTU Robot Contest & Fair held in 2011, a robot designed by students from this program also won great awards.

The cain courses of this program include Theoretical Mechanics, Materials Mechanics, the Fundamentals of Mechanical Design, the Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics, Signals and Systems, Mechatronic Control Techniques, Mechatronic System Analysis and Design, Sensing and Testing Technology, Mechatronic System Modelingand Simulation, and the Fundamentals of Robotics.





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