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We aim at training practical and multi-disciplinary expertise for the learners with certain background of sciences and engineering knowledge, to master the basic theories and skills of international trade, engineering and modern management. 
Students should learn the basic theories and professional knowledge of foreign economy and trade, the basic mechanical and electrical engineering knowledge, also they should have a good command of English.

Major Courses:

Economics, Management, Statistics, English, International Trade, International Finance, International Marketing, International Technology Trade, International Trade Law, The Principles and Application of Managing Information Systems, Machinery Manufacturing Foundation, Foreign Trade Negotiation, Circuit and Electronics Technology.

Fields of Employment:

All kinds of foreign trade companies, industry and trade companies with the business of foreign trade and other relevant departments engaged in foreign trade: ⑴ dealing with external message exchanges and related business documents; ⑵ managing economic and trade negotiations; ⑶ formulating foreign trade contracts execution; ⑷ engaging in foreign technical trade; ⑸ carrying out international market research, providing decision-making information for enterprises engaged in foreign trade activities.

Course List for English Taught Program

Course List for English Taught Program