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The Pre-University Program is provided for international students who have the fundamental knowledge of the Chinese language and intend to study in Chinese universities majoring in science and engineering as well as other undergraduate programs. It aims to further enhance students' Chinese proficiency and help international students to successfully finish bachelor degree study in Chinese. Moreover, it will provide effective instruction and intensive training in mathematics, physics, chemistry and English. After training, students may have the capacity to pass the HSK level 5 and take courses with together Chinese students.

Applicant must:
Have graduated from Senior High school;
Have learned the Chinese language for one year with a capacity to pass the HSK level 3 and mastered 1200 Chinese words;
Intend to finish bachelor degree study in a Chinese university.

Six months (one semester)

Comprehensive Chinese (including HSK training), Oral Chinese, Chinese Listening (including HSK training), Science and Technology Chinese, Written Chinese, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English. 
In total, there is one-semester course lasting 16 weeks with 26 credit hours per week.

Tuition: CNY10300/semester (including CNY300 insurance for one semester)
Registration: CNY500/person
Textbooks: CNY400/person

International student apartment (There are 2 or 3 double-bed rooms in each apartment with shared living room and bathroom): CNY45/bed/day

Application Deadline:

Spring semester: January 10.
Autumn semester: July 15.

Registration Day: 
Spring semester: early March / year;

Fall semester: early September / year

Application Procedures and Required Materials:

Step 1
Apply online: and submit materials below:
①Copy of passport (If the applicant is in China, a copy of the visa is needed);
②High school diploma or the final proof of qualifications and transcripts;
③If applicant has been studying in China, a certificate for permission to transfer by the university is needed.
④HSK exam grade certificate (copy)

Step 2
Pay the registration fee online and book dormitory (if needed).

Step 3
After being admitted, our school will mail the Visa Application for Study in China (JW202 form) and the Admission Notice to the student. Student then goes to the Embassy or Consulate of People's Republic of China with the Admission Notice, JW202 form, passport, and the Physical Examination Report to apply for an X visa to study in China. If the duration is less than six months, the applicant may apply for the F visa (There is no need to take physical examination for the F visa).

Students who finished the planned courses with eligible academic records at BIT will be issued the Graduation Certificate of Pre-Bachelor Program of BIT, and can continue to pursue bachelor study at BIT exempt from the entry examination.

Students who have not finished the courses, have not taken exam or have an ineligible academic record will not be given a Graduation Certificate of Pre-Bachelor Program of BIT but only a study certificate.

Students who have obtained Graduation Certificate of Pre-Bachelor Program of BIT and taken the BIT bachelor study entry examination with a good score will have the chance to receive  the Beijing Municipal Government’s Scholarship. 


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